our giant adventure

i am kristin, he is joe. we are the giants, welcome to our adventure.

My sister is such a special part of me. Being with her is just like truly being myself for a little while. The goofy singing, the silly puns, the laughter. This year has already given us the gift of time together in abundance, so for that I am epically grateful.

Enjoying a glorious fall day with my sissy!!

New mantra. So important.

“Let us understand that God is a physician, and that suffering is a medicine for salvation; not a punishment for damnation.”

—   St. Augustine (via grayskyzandrain)
Last twins game (for us) of the season (in my new @askovfinlayson hat)

In case you haven’t noticed, and on the off chance that you care, I decided this weekend to delete my Facebook and will delete my other social networking accounts this week. I have realized that it is nearly impossible to center myself on my own personal journey, if I am constantly trying to stay abreast on the miniscule daily happenings of people that I don’t even really know. I think this will also encourage people to reach out and stay in more meaningful touch with me, which I crave. I will continue posting here, because as far as I can tell from my stats analyzer no one reads this blog except for our parents, grandparents, close family, and occasionally some of our exes (haha!).

I am hoping that this “housekeeping” helps me to focus on the really important things in my life. Things are really starting to get crazy this week. I have “matched” with a beautiful young woman who I will be sponsoring through Catholic conversion. I will also wrap up my mentor training this week. One week from Thursday a team of 3 other people and I will begin mentoring a group of 15-20 elementary aged students in the arts. We’ll be stationed at a long-term residential care facility whose mission is caring for youth with mental illness and complex behavioral issues. I am so so so excited to begin a living, breathing mission. I began training this weekend, and spent most of the initial presentation trying not to happy cry because the mission is so incredible and moving.

That’s our life! It is good!

Another birthday shot from lunch with my girlfriends and Joe on Wednesday. Thanks for the picture, Debbie and for the free cookies Brasserie Zentral!
On my monitor at work. My kind of motivational quote courtesy of the ever eloquent and perfect @katietylerpurnell . #motivation #whoneedsnormal #normalisforrednecks

Highlights of bday dinner :)

Ambience at dinner lady night. Joe asked around to find the most romantic spot, W. A. Frost in St. Paul. So perfect.