our giant adventure

i am kristin, he is joe. we are the giants, welcome to our adventure.

My husband is unreal handsome. And we have so. much. fun. together.
3rd costume change. #onwisconsin #justcause #antisec
Living and dying by this concept right now.
#gophergameday #thegiants #gobiggold #football #etc
It’s the most wonderful timeeeeee of the year! #gogophers #skiumah
Can’t wait to make a habit out of mornings together! #workoutbuddies #lawschoolsoverbutfriendsareforever
Our new to us couch in all her glory
my favorite picture of our wedding mass. 
I haven’t felt pretty in a long time. I’m starting to realize more and more that I’ve been basing my self worth on the silliest things. I’ve been known to google $100 wrinkle creams for my wrinkles which are actually proof that I’ve spent most of my life smiling. I hastily cover up my new chin scar every morning. I spend hours pinning hair colors and cuts that would somehow fix me, defining a personal style that is in no way personal, looking at thinner, fitter women and hating myself for not being them. But I had an epiphany this weekend, seeing myself through my husband’s eyes, that instead of googling how to fix myself, maybe I should just fall back in love with the flawed, scarred, broken-out, bloated, bruised person that is worth loving just the way she is. So I took me on a date this morning to Minnehaha creek and it was awesome. #radicalselflove #choosejoy #dateyoself

Took a detour or two on my way to work this morning. Best idea. First, some Morning Greens from Truce Minneapolis, then a short stroll and sit at Minnehaha Creek. Green is great for the soul.